2021 First-Year Orientation Camp

    Due to the impact of COVID-19 epidemic,
    2021 First-Year Orientation Camp is going to be held online.

Administrations and Services
    We introduce the administrations and services to make first-year students
    know which department to deal with their campus affairs.

Foreign Student Clubs
    After being an NTUer, everyone lives her/his life in the fast lane.
    We gather some foreign student clubs information here.
    Come here to look for familiar friends in unfamiliar campus.

International Corner
    We produced the podcast programs and e-manuals for first-year students.
    Come to our international corner to access!

    Additionally, we have a livestream on Sep 14 morning.
    There are fascinating progress and luck draw on our livestream.
    Further information will release on our website.

    Welcome every first-year students to join us on air!

 Livestream URL:https://youtu.be/qxEJLRnLTIQ

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